Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Michele!

Last fall, I decided to join the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club for 2009. This is where you are assigned a fellow stitching blogger and when it is their birthday you send them a gift.

Of course I had already over-committed myself for January (calling it my last hurrah for exchanges), and my birthday girl, Michele, was the first one for the new year, in fact, it is today, January 11. Oh well, I am done now and I don't have to worry about it.

Michele was very fun and easy to buy for. Her wishlist and blog is loaded with the things that she likes. Coffee, Nascar, Coffee, Stitching, and more Coffee. I had already decided to do mailart for my birthday partner and that is what I did.

These pictures were taken before I took it to the post office. Jump over to Michele's blog or the Stitchers Birthday blog to see it after the stamps are put on and it is hand stamped. It is always an interesting experience to take something like this to the post office. LOL!

One of the things Michele collects is reindeer. So for the front I stitched one from Daffycat, I just flipped it so it is facing the other way.

On the back, I stitched all of the things she loves. The Nascar logo I created myself. The coffee items, scissors and "CROSS STITCH" are from Cross Stitch Happy and the other stitching items are from a Brittercup Design, "I Love to Stitch".

I was quite pleased with it and I think Michele was very surprised.

Of course I sent Michele a separate box of birthday surprises--a pattern from her wish list, Starbucks coffee, a Starbucks coffee mug and some Starbucks cookies, socks that have coffee words/icons on them, a notepad and pen with coffee words on them, a thread counter, a salt and pepper shaker set (she collects these too!), floss bobbins and a ring, a plastic organizer box (great for buttons) and some hand sanitizer.

Happy Birthday Michele! Have a wonderful birthday.


karen said...

Jill, what a great gift for Michele! you nailed it head on! we are very good friends and you did AWESOME for her! i love that mailart! you are just way too creative!!!! hugs

Michele said...

Oh Jill .. you definately rocked my birthday! I can't believe you created the Nascar motif yourself! You nailed it :) And what a special thing to do for me! I bet it is an experience to mail a stitched piece! I will always treasure it.


Sharon said...

What a beautiful and unique gift! Great job!

Lynn B said...

What a lovely gift Jill!