Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My 2nd Make A Wish

On the Make A Wish board, my 2nd wish was for a winter fob. My wish was granted by Tuula. She stitched a design by Isa Vautier, who is the same designer of the SAL that I am doing.

Tuula didn't tell me, but it looks like this is stitched on like 40ct, over 2, with a overdyed thread. It is very cute!

Thank you Tuula!


Tuula said...

Yes, Jill! It is true, the fob is stitched on 40 ct linen over 2. The thread is DMC:s. I´m glad that you liked it. Hugs...

Brigitte said...

The little fob is just perfect for the scissors you showed in the picture. Great exchange!