Saturday, January 10, 2009

SAL Update and an Apology

I started Isabell Vautier SAL last Friday. Here is my progress so far.

This piece is soooo fun to stitch. It's really I want to work on but I still have a few other commitments to finish.

* * * * * * * * * *

Earlier in the week I posted the gifts I had received over the last couple of weeks. I just realized this morning that I had forgot one.

Vonna sent me a beautiful magnetic needle minder to thank me for helping her with the Fair and Square. I love it. My apologies to Vonna for not mentioning this earlier. I think I forgot because I had already put it to use on my board.

Have a great weekend,


Dragonflymystic said...

wow, I came here to e mail you about the mail art exchange, and found the most beautiful baby blue fob ... can you tell me which pattern it is???
love it... your stitching is lovely as well.. and the needle minder... gorgeous!

Brigitte said...

You are progressing very nicely on Isa's sampler. This will be a real beauty

Vonna said...

Look at your lovely Isa V's SAL ....last week I thought the purple was pretty...but now as I see more of it....I think it is just gorgeous Jill :) And I don't have one purple thing in my house...but I'm thinking about purple!

you didn't even have to post about that needleminder...but you are a dear to say such a nice thing :) You deserved it and much more!