Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year and More

I just heard from Michele that she received the Christmas Fair Squares I sent her. It is a freebie from Just Cross Stitch called "Vinney Ornament".

It is stitched on 32ct. Little Boy Blue Linen with DMC as charted. I knew that Michele loves Reindeer so I thought this was a cute one to add to her collection.

Well, I had to keep up with my tradition of starting a new project on New Year's Day and this year I chose Christmas at Run Hawk Hollow. Here is what I started with on New Year's Day. I am using DMC and stitching on 32ct. Lambswool Belfast linen.

Here is what I have done as of today.

I am going to stitch 1 block a month. I have so many other things I want/need to do also.

Now...I am a little tardy on my goals.

Fair Squares Christmas Round - DONE
3 Christmas Ornaments- DONE
2009 Christmas Challenge (December) - DONE

I kept my December goals very simple as I knew I wasn't going to be stitching too much.

CaHRH Block 1
1 Pink Stitch
Start HoE Red Exchange
Finish Isa Vautier
Stitch 1 Gift

I did mail out my Blogoversary box of cotton goodies and according to the post office, it was delivered yesterday. However, I have not heard if it was received yet. When I do, I will share the contents.

Please check out a new blog that I started. It is Stitch Red for the Heart.

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation :( Back to reality.

Have a great week!


Missy Ann said...

Best of luck on CHaHRH. A block a month is big commitment but you can do it! I can't wait to see how it turns out, I think you are the only stitcher I know that's using the DMC. (which being a cheap skate - I prefer) lol

Love the reindeer, I almost stitched him myself for F&S Christmas but then I checked my partners profile and thought better of it. lol I guess I'll just have to stitch him for myself.

Julianne said...


Happy New Year! Your new project of Christmas at Hawk Run is really gorgeous. You've made wonderful progress on it.

Blu said...

Your first block of CHaHRH (wow, what a mouthful!) looks great! That was a pretty fast finish~

Nic said...

Cute little reindeer - and I love your block on C@HRH. I can see why its so popular.

Diana said...

Your little reindeer turned out really cute! That's on my to do list,too. Your Christmas at Hawk Run looks real nice,too. It looks like you won't have a problem with getting a block a month done. Today is only Jan. 4 and you already have your block done.

Deb said...

You picked out a great project with CHaHRH. I think that a block a month is a reasonable goal. I did that with Shores and it worked out well (although i've put it down for a while!

Love your reindeer!

staci said...

Way to go with that first block Jill! I think you'll do fantastic with your goal :)

Daffycat said...

What fun squares for Michele! That reindeer is hilarious!

You new start is WONDERFUL! I love all the peacocks in this design!

cathymk said...

Wow Jill, what a great start to Christmas at HRH! It looks beautiful!

Love the squares you prepared for Michele - just gorgeous!

Shari said...

wow, your new years start looks great!! The more I see that pattern, the more I want to do it!!!!!
Everything else looks great as well. Love the reindeer ornament!
thanks for visiting my blog!!!! I appreciate it!

Karen said...

Love the reindeer squares...too cute! Love your new project too and can't wait to see your progress. Great start so far....

Brigitte said...

Such a funny little reindeer.
I love your choice for your new year's start. And I can't believe it - you already have finished the first block. At that speed you will certainly be able to do a block each month, not doubt. It's a wonderful project.

Suzanne said...

Very cute squares you stitched. I love CaHRH and would love to stitch it one day. How surprising that you stitched the peacock block first, lol!

Laura said...

I started CaHRH on New Years day also and am also trying to do a block a month. You are way ahead of me though. I'm doing it on 36 count and my eyes are not happy with me about that.

Kathy A. said...

That is just the sweetest reindeer. I'll bet Michele just loves it.
Wow CHAHRH is a large undertaking and then I shake my head - I started a Chatelaine. Whatever are we thinking with all the Big A## Projects we already have on the go. lol

Gabi said...

I love that ornament. Just downloaded it myself too.
Great that we'll going to stitch CHRH together. I'm stitching mine with DMC too btw and am quite happy with it.

Rachel Carey said...

Can you tell me what magazine (year) the cute reindeer was in? I'll have to purchase it!!!