Saturday, August 22, 2009

Walking for a Cause

The 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk is going on here in the Twin Cities this weekend and this morning it went right through the park that is in my backyard.

I got myself up early and gathered some things and went and sat outside for about 3 hours to cheer them on. There were lots and lots of walkers dressed in lots of pink. It was very moving. I got alot of waves, good mornings and thanks yous. Thanks yous, what? Thanking me? It seemed odd that they were thanking me. They are the ones that should be thanked. If you are ever near one of these, you really should take time to watch and thank.

Thank you to all the walkers.


FayeRaye said...

So moving to see them united in their walk, I am sure....I know you will look back on the memory of today often and smile...!! Faye

Cathy B said...

I didn't realize this was going on this weekend! I think they wind their way down to Hwy 61, don't they?