Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ornaments # 2 and #3 and More

Yesterday I received my 2nd and 3rd ornaments for the Ornament Swap I am participating in.

This ornament is from Carol. It is "Candy Cane Wishes Noel Ornament" by Plum Pudding Needleart. It is stitched on 28ct. Cafe Mocha Country French linen with DMC Floss.

Isn't it lovely? I love it. It is stitched and finished just beautifully!

This next ornament is from Becky. It is called "Peace & Quiet" from Erica Michaels. It is stitched on 36ct. Meadow Rue with GAST & WDW.

Another beautifully stitched and finished ornament. Just love it!

Thank you Carol and Becky. I will treasure these forever. Can't wait to see what comes next.

A Great Find...
Awhile back I got this great idea to get a large glass jar with a lid to put smalls in. I have been searching but have had no luck. Well, last weekend, I was forced to do some reorganizing as I was looking for a particular project. Well, lo and behold, I found my glass jar--right in my own living room! It is perfect!

Isn't it great? The best part is that it will keep my stitched items DUST FREE! I will have to keep looking because as you can see, I am going to need another one very soon.

Have You Heard?
In the new issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework, May 2009, there is a Reproduction Sampler of Adam and Eve. I had to go to Joann's the other day and picked up a copy.

This is like a lifelong project and I don't know if I will do the whole thing. I like it enough, but I figure I will be able to use the many motifs for different things for sure.

Well, that's all for today. I have been stitching on gifts and exchanges so nothing to share there yet. Have a great day.


Suzanne said...

Great ornaments you received! This is a good idea storing your smalls in a jar. I keep mine in a basket and I always have to dust them, it's a real pain.

The sampler looks fabulous, I can see why it would be a very long project. I'm not sure I would have the patience to keep going on one that big. Good luck!

Kathy A. said...

Those are lovely ornaments that you received.
Love the idea of the smalls in a jar. Very cool and dust free - I like that~
I saw that sampler and went - not for me - too big and now you have given me the idea of using it in smaller pieces. Thank you
Shall pick it up next time I am out

BeckySC said...

Hey there Jill :)
I am so happy you like your ornament :) I enjoyed stitching for you :)

What a cool way to display your smalls :) You're brilliant :)

OOOH, I love that sampler!!!!

karen said...

Love the ornaments you rec'd! lucky girl!
I love the idea of the glass jar for smalls! Being in Arizona something like that would definitely come in handy trying to keep things dust free! right now mine are all in baskets on my dressers and of course have to keep dusting and blowing them off. LOL

Einschies stitching blog said...

How great is that;-))) I have to buy such a big glass jar too I know I have none which is big enough;-))


Brigitte said...

You've received some very nice ornaments. And what a neat idea to display some of your smalls in a jar. Those big jars which are a bit narrow seem to best for display as no small can hide in the center. Very interesting indeed.