Friday, January 30, 2009

More Exchanges

Yesterday I saw that Lisa received my Winter ornament for the ASOE Ornament Exchange. I stitched "Winter Globe" by gazette94. It is stitched on 36ct. white linen with DMC floss, GAST and DMC white petite Mill Hill beads. It is finished with DMC perle cotton #12 white. Okay, I wish I would have noticed that big stain on the quilt when I was taking the picture--DUH!

In yesterday's mail, I received my fob for the Tiny Treasure Exchange. It was from Sabine in Belgium. There are 2 Sabine's on this exchange blog so I'm not sure which one it is.

Sabine didn't give me any details on the fob but it is gorgeous! It is stitched over 1 with what looks like 3 different overdyed threads. It is so delicate looking. I love it! Thank you Sabine.

I am sloooooowly getting better after falling the other day. I did go to work today but only lasted 2 hours. I just could not sit in the chair comfortably. We did not have much work anyway, so it was all good. I'm hoping with the weekend and all, I will be much, much better come Monday.

I am planning on going to my Friday Night Stitch Fix at my BFF, Joan's. I will be delivering my special gift I made this week. I will share tomorrow.

Happy Stitching! :)


Nic said...

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better - I had a fall earlier this week myself too, but the only damage was a couple of skinned palms, a bruised knee and a dent to my pride!

I hope you have a nice weekend, take it easy!

Brigitte said...

Very nice exchanges, Jill.
I hope thta the weekend helps you to feel better.

Andrea said...

You've been sending and receiving some lovely exchanges.
I hope the pain has subsided and you have a pain-free weekend.

Suzanne said...

These are very nice exchanges. I am sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. I hope you feel much better soon.