Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome Home Kelsey!

After 5 years of being in the Marines, Kelsey, daughter of MamaJoan, came home FOR GOOD! Kelsey has been in various places from Japan and back, and even found her soul mate, Donncuann, who is now her husband--it turned out the Marines weren't all that bad for her! LOL!

Anyway, the special gift I made this week was for Kelsey. She is a cross stitcher (YAY!) so I made her a special scissor fob.

This is a free design from Glory Bee, however, the pattern says "Home Sweet Home" and I changed it to say "There's no Place Like Home". I though it was more fitting. On the back (no picture), I stitched her initials and Jan 09. I am so happy for her and her hubby that they are finally home and back into the real life.

I noticed on someone else's blog that it is time for goals already--YIKES! I hadn't even thought about them yet. I will have to come back later and post them. I first need to get an exchange out this morning.

Have a great weekend!