Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Hate Winter--but Love Exchanges!

Have I ever mentioned that I hate winter? Yesterday was a true testimony for that.

I came home from work and walked down to get the mail. I slipped and fell on the ice and pulled/tore my hamstring. Talk about painful! I managed to finally get myself up and into the house with all my stuff after about 20 minutes. The worse thing was that I could not sit or bend without a very sharp pain. I had to go to the bathroom and the pain was so intense that I thought I was going to blackout. I laid in bed with ice and ibuprofen the rest of the day. I did not go to work and when I got up about 7 a.m., I was able to go to the bathroom with much less pain. And, I was able to sit on the couch and stitch this morning.

I am hoping it will even be better tomorrow so I can go to work and not miss my Friday Night Stitch fix.

On a cheerier note, Cathy B. was the January recipient for the Christmas Ornament Swap group that I am in. The ornament I stitched for her is from the 2005 Just Cross Stitch ornament magazine. It is "Folk Art Topiary" by Brown House Studio. It is stitched on 40ct. ivory with DMC Floss.

It is not your traditional Christmas ornament, but I think it is cute. I hope Cathy liked it.

Ulla finally received my SBEBB Winter House Exchange. A funny thing is that I had Ulla for the summer house too! I sure hope she likes my stitching.

I stitched "Chalet" from Bent Creek's Winter Snapperland. It is stitched on 32ct Country Grain Linen with DMC Floss. The inside is 32ct. Belfast Twilight Blue Linen. I finished it as a needlecase. This is my first needlecase that I have made and I think it turned out pretty good.

I hope Ulla is as happy with it as I am. Here is the entire exchange--

I sent Ulla the Holiday Pack of DMC Floss, Thread Heaven, a wintery thread counter, a skeing of the gorgeous #115 Red Variegated DMC Thread, some wintery buttons and a tuck away pillow.

This is my last exchange on the SBEBB as it is closing. I am OK with this as I am looking forward to doing more "me" stitching.

Well, I am going to lay down for awhile now--I wouldn't want to overdue it!

Have a great day!


Missy Ann said...


I think the needlebook looks great. Another good job as always!

lynda said...

I'm sorry you had such an awful fall. Hope you're starting to feel better by now. Your ornie is adorable and the needlebook looks great! Take it easy.

Barbeeque4 said...

What super exchanges!!! But - my goodness you took a bad spill!! I hope you are recovering and nothing will be a lasting problem down the road!!! Feel better!! (((HUGS)))

Brigitte said...

Such a nice Winter house exchange.
I'm with you about winter - I hate the ice and snow that come with the winter but I love stitching winter things.
I hope that you will be without pain very soon.

Daffycat said...

OUCH! Jill, I hope it feels better quickly. ***hugs***

karen said...

OUCH! i sure hope it heals fast for you. watch that ice, you can always come here to AZ, it's in the 70"s and you normally don't have to deal with ice. (((((hugs)))))
great exchange you sent out! get some rest

Ulla said...

Thank you very much Jill for the exchange. I think the needlebook looks really great and it was my first too :-)

And your goodies were gorgeous, I love them!!!

I wish you a happier winter time and hope you are feeling better!


Lynn B said...

Lovely exchanges Jill, I hope you are soon feeling better after yout fall.