Sunday, June 5, 2016

Who Knew!

Well, here it is June 5 already. Where does the time go? This will be the last week of school,  just 3.5 days. For a long time it seemed like the school year would never end and now I can't believe it is almost over. Looking forward to some time off.

I have been away for quite awhile and I am not going to go into all that. But the last couple of weeks I have made some new discoveries in the stitching world.

FlossTube. WOW! Now instead of blogging, people are bringing it on YouTube. They talk about their WIPs, finished pieces, stash enhancements and some are even doing tutorials on various topics. I have watched a few but I find myself wanting them to pick up the pace. However, it is kind of fun to place a face to some of the fellow bloggers.

They other big discovery for me anyway, is NEEDLEMINDERS. Who knew? Now I do already have some needleminders. It is one of the treasures we get annually at our little retreat we have from fellow stitching squad member, Jackie. However, I thought you could only use them when you were using stretcher bars or Q-snaps. I, for whatever reason, didn't think that they could be used on just ANY piece of stitching. I guess I thought it had to be a flat surface or the needle would fall off!? What was I thinking? Silly me! Since coming to this realization, of course I have a few more of these on order.

Anyway, I do have some stitching to share. I decided to start something new on Memorial Day weekend. I chose Plum Street Samplers, "Betsy's Tart". I did however, change everything about it.

I bought the below clock at Hobby Lobby. They are still 1/2 off. I removed the insides and spray painted it using Krylon Cherry Red paint.

And here is my finished piece. I absolutely love it!

Plum Street Samplers
Betsy's Tart
28ct. Lugana White/Silver
DMC: White, 326, 797 and 799
Star buttons from JoAnn's

I am so happy with how this turned out. I haven't completed a finish for a long time. It is kind of a large piece. The face is 6" round.

That is it for now. I am going to stitch the rest of today. I hope you find time to stitch as well.

Thank for stopping by.



Robin in Virginia said...

What a super finish and quite unique! Was it difficult to get the innards out of the clock? Wishing you an enjoyable summer time.

lynda said...

I love your finish! Wish we had a Hobby Lobby out here.
Isn't FlossTube cool? I just discovered it as well when Vonna posted that she had done a video. Now I am hooked. I just turn it on when I'm stitching and get to see all kinds of cool things. I agree about putting a face to the some of the stitchers I've followed on blogs, etc. It's fun!
It's good to see you posting again. Hope you have a great summer!


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Brigitte said...

So nice to see you posting again. And you come back with such a beautiful finishing idea. I just love it.
Like you and Lynda I discovered floss tube some weeks ago and have been watching some floss tubers since then while stitching or while folding laundry and ironing :)

valerie said...

I still haven't gotten into flosstube but just love your finish. What a great idea!It's good to see you blogging again.

Karen said...

I am totally addicted to Flosstube and have been for a year. Love to listen (watch when I hear the crinkle of a package) while I stitch. Love your Plum Street finish. Saw this one on Facebook and it is just wonderful for that piece. Happy stitching!

Faye said...

I love that clock Jill!! I actually found one that I didn't need to paint... And I totally agree about Flosstube! Who knew?? I love to watch my friend Nicole Neville although she's usually talking about knitting,... Great stitching!!