Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Two Stitches for 2013

This was my 18th year in making a Christmas ornament for my godson, Jacob. He is a senior in high school now and was the captain of his cross country team. I tweaked a Prairie Schooler, "Eleven Lords a Leaping" pattern to make a running Santa. I was very happy with how it turned out and Jacob loved it.

I also have been making an ornament for my son. This one I just finished today. I never thought I would stitch on perforated paper again, but it was actually fun. I really enjoyed it. The best part about it is the finishing. It doesn't require much.

Foxwood Crossings
RFD Sledding

For quite a few years, I have been starting a new project on New Year's Day. I have decided to try something different this year. I am going to stitch an ornament on the 1st of every month and work on WIPs in between. Maybe an occasional new start, but I have quite a few WIPs that I really would like to finish.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!



Joanie said...

I love your new plan! And your ornaments are gorgeous!

Andrea said...

Beautiful ornaments.

Have a very Happy New Year!

Denise said...

Love the ornaments!
Happy New Year! and
Happy Stitching

Karen said...

Cute change to the ornament. Happy stitching in the new year...

Christine said...

I love your 'tweak' on the Santa - great job! Your New Year's plan for stitching sounds good - Enjoy!

Cindy's Stitching said...

jacob must have a great collection from you. I adore the sled. Happy new year.

Bekca said...

That sounds like a great plan for your stitching in 2014. Both ornaments look wonderful, I love the running Santa!
Best wishes.

Chris said...

Both of those ornaments are wonderful!