Monday, July 11, 2011

What to Work on Next

In previous posts, I mentioned starting something new and finishing some fair squares.

I had received some gorgeous squares for the Fair Square Round #23 from Kim V. They have swavorski crystals on them and are beautifully stitched. I finally finished them up.

This next piece, I had started some time ago but I did not like the thread I had chose. I had to rip it out and started again with a different thread. So its a new start to me.

This is With My Needle's "Mrs. Waddelows Huswif" stitched with Belle Soie Creme de Menthe on 32ct. French Vanilla linen. I am so happy with it. Now I have to go find 6 different fabrics so I can finish it.

Last Friday, I received the 2nd part of Mamen's Hardanger-a-long. Yesterday I finished it.

There is a total of 6 parts to this and they come out every 2 weeks. If you love hardanger, go to Mamen's blog. She does gorgeous work.

Now, to the title of this post. I always have to kind of "re-group" when I finish something before I go on to the next. This time it is taking particularly longer. I am just not sure what I want to work on. I'm sure the problem is that I have way too many things to choose from.

I am starting to see some of the finished "Soar" Samplers. I am now kicking myself for not buying this pattern, she only sold 100. I would be interested in borrowing, trading or buying one if there is anyone out there that would be interested.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching :)



GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I love your stitching.

Can you tell me the measurement of the fabric you used for the HAL? I wanna make sure I start on a piece large enough... doing my best to translate the emails and instructions. TY for your help. I wanna get this started since I am on bed rest for a few more days.

Carpacar said...

Está precioso Jill, felicidades!!

Gabi said...

Lovely way you finished the squares. LOVE Mrs Waddelows Huswif. Gorgeous color. It will look fantastic when finished.

Annalee said...

Beautiful little peacock! You're doing a great job on the hardanger piece and thanks for showing it. I have signed up for this as I've been looking for some time for a topper for a new cradenza, this should work beautifully.

Vonna said...

Jill, I'm at my Mom's house so I don't have my "regular" computer....and I don't think I have your e-mail. I saw your comment on my Soar Sampler and every intention of contacting you when I got home. I want to stitch it again for myself, as the one I finished is for my Mom...however not soon - as stitching on black made me cross-eyed for the time being :) If you'd like to borrow my pattern, I'm more than willing to send it to you as soon as I get home. E-mail me at if you would be interested in borrowing it:

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a gorgeous finish and that hardanger piece will be spectacular!

Beautiful F&S you received!

Kathy said...

Beautiful stitching. I love the Peacock squares you received and finished. Lovely. As for Soar. I have been seeing it too and love the look. Good luck getting it.