Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello November...

Well, here we are, another new month. Time seems to go by faster and faster.

First, I need to review my goals for October--
*Block 10 of CaHRH -- DONE
*1 Pink Stitch -- DONE
*1 Red Stitch -- DONE
*Winter Row -- DONE
*Christmas Ornament -- DONE

Those along with the knitting I did, I got quite a bit done. However, I have LOTS to still do! LOL!

November Goals
*1 Pink Stitch
*1 Red Stitch
*Block #11 of CaHRH
*1 Christmas Ornament
*1 Christmas Gift
*Start a new Stitch for Me

That's enough for this month.

* * * * *

I received a lovely birthday gift from my friend, Cathy.

Cathy made me a lovely peacock pinkeep. It looks like a very dark, rich purple. I love it! She also gave me a purple thread winder. YAY! I am kind of collecting these. It makes a great addition to what I have collected already. Thank you Cathy.

* * * * *

Yesterday I went through my "stash" and pulled several projects that I have wanted to do. I pulled threads and fabric so they are ready to stitch. One of them was this:

This is the Shepherds Bush 2005 Fob. I stitched it on 32ct. Park City Boulevard with the threads as charted except I stitched the hive with Weeks Tiger's Eye. I did the finishing this morning. I thought it looked pretty good with this Premax scissors.

Now I am going to start my pink stitch!

Happy Stitching :)



April Mechelle said...

Jill that is great that you got all your things stitched for Oct. I need to start doing this. Set Goals.. Cute scissor fob!! Have you seen the snow in your area?? Happy Stitching on the Pink Project!

Faye said...

Happy Birthday a little late Jill!!! It sounds like you had a good one...I love all the stitches and the gifts you received!! You deserve them all!!!

Again, HB and take care, Faye

Hazel said...

Wow you are a real goal keeper!! Well done on all those goals. Love the gifts you got. x

Karen said...

Love pinkeep you received! great little finish...