Monday, September 20, 2010

Autumn Exchange and Updates

Autumn is our 3rd season in the Friends Stitching Through The Seasons exchange. Karen D. has my name and today I received her package. It is gorgeous!

Karen stitched "Scatter Pumpkins" by Shepherds Bush and finished it as a flat-fold. Believe it or not, this is my very first flat-fold. I have never even made one myself it. I absolutely love it!

It is so beautifully stitched and finished. Karen also sent me some very useful goodies.

Alot of my favorite things here, love it all! Especially the purple little gems. I didn't have a purple one yet! LOL!

Thank you Karen!

I have Faye for this same exchange. She received my package last Friday.

I stitched a pumpkin from Prairie Grove Peddler. It turned out very cute.

This pumpkin was so fun to make. The stem is even real! It came from my niece's backyard!

Here is the rest of the exchange I sent Faye.

CaHRH Update...
I continued working my block #9 yesterday and here is my progress.

I just have to finish the church. I should have no problem wrapping up this block next Sunday.

September's Red Stitch...
If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have started knitting. I decided to do my red stitching this month out of knitting.

This is awesome! It keeps your coffee cup warm!

I think that is it for now. Lots on TV tonight. Baseball, football and some new season shows. Great stitching time!

Have a great night!



Myra said...

What a wonderful exchange. I had admired your little pumpkin on Faye's blog - so cute!

Vicky L said...

Everything looks great! The pumpkin is a very cool idea! I love the flat fold.

Karen said...

Love your exchanges! The pumpkin you made is just the cutest...I know Faye loved it!

happy stitching....

Deborah said...

Both exchanges are beautiful! The red knitting.

Cole said...

Love the coffee cozy, great job on the cables!!

Amanda said...

What a wonderful exchange parcel, the flat fold is beautiful!
Love the pumpkin you stitched too, have the chart in the stash waiting to be started!
Cool knitting finish and love your progress pic on CaHRH

Lynn B said...

The exchnage pieces are lovely and the flatfold is particularly cute!

Hope you are well.

Blu said...

Great exchanges. Both yours and Karen's.

CaHRH looks great and the coffee cozy is very cute.