Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's A Great Day

I participated in the HoE beCAUSE It's Pink Exchange and today I received my exchange. Chris H. had my name and she did a super job.

Chris made me a hanging pinkeep with a breast cancer design on it. Chris was concerned that I had already stitched this design--no worries, I haven't stitched this one. This is one of those that you really need to see done to appreciate it. The pattern doesn't do it justice. It is very nicely done and I just love it! Great addition to my pink basket.

Chris also sent me some wonderful goodies. She must have done her homework because this exchange is sooooo me. There is a mechanical pencil, a pink cosmetic bag, a new fob for my cell phone, pink ribbon, pink (rose) soap, pink flowered post-it notes, pink beads and pink silicone cup cakes--I'm really excited about these. The juices are already flowing as to what I can stitch in these for my pink basket. I absolutely love all of it.

Thank you so much, Chris. This really made my day.

Ran into something interesting over on Edgar's blog. A posting about "What's In Your Stitching Bag?". This is good fun so I thought I would share.

I carry a large stitching bag everyday to work. I get about 45 minutes to 1 hour in a day at work. It doesn't seem like much but in a week, that is a good chunk. Anyway, here is my bag.

Now, yes this is more like a pouch but I love them. My good friend, MamaJoan, makes these bags and does a wonderful job. This one is the large one. I have at least 1 large one for every season. Inside this I have a project and a small stitching pouch.

Currently I am working on some fair squares, which is a rather small project. It is in a small clear pouch--this on is store bought.

Here is the 2 smaller pouches.

Now, this smaller pouch--the orange one, is Halloween for October. I have one of these for every month and they are themed for that month. You can see them all here on an older post of mine.

I have quite a bit of stuff in this smaller pouch. However, I think I have everything I use always or very often when stitching.

See, there is alot of stuff in there, isn't there?

Now, I will try to list what all is in here. I have a scissors (of course), needlecase with cross stitch needles, needle tube with beading needles, tape measure, pin cushion, small foldable ruler, pen, pencil, marker, papers and post-it notes, crystal beads, thread heaven, an ort container, a small light with clip, a calendar, hand lotion, hand wipes, an emery board, thread winders, pin cushion with colored needles that I use for marking threads and a small container that has various embellishments and some coins. Whew!

If I only stitched at home, I wouldn't carry so much, but I stitch at work, with friends, and once a week I go to my mom's and stitch and she knits.

There you have it!

Oh yes, don't forget about Missy's 13 days of giveaways for Halloween.

Thanks for stopping by and for all of the wonderful comments. I appreciate all of them.


Kathy A. said...

What a lovely Stitch Pink gift. It is so beautifully finished.
Love seeing the contents of your stitching bag. I am so embarrassed about mine. It is HUGE!!! I think I will post it though.

Karen said...

Great package! I love the bags you keep your stitchy stuff in...too cute.

BTW...happy birthday.


FayeRaye said...

Hmmmm.....Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday my friend Jill...Happy birhday to you!!!

Stitcher said...

I'm glad it arrived safely. Hope you had a great birthday.