Monday, April 27, 2009

For My Family (not stitching related)

This is not anything related to stitching but I had to blog it so my family can see what I WON!

Our local Sporting Goods store, Joes, was having an extravaganza last week for the upcoming fishing season. You could register for prizes and I was registered. Well they called me last night and said that I won a rod and reel combo. So today on the way home from work I stopped and picked it up.

They told me that this was the BIG prize! I never win anything!

I looked up the rod here, it is priced at $189.95. And here is the reel, it is the #2500. It is priced at $279.95. OMG! I have never spent that much on any one single stitching item!

I guess I will maybe be retiring the one that I have had since the 8th grade.



~Judy~ said...

YEAH Jill! Good for you. Happy Fishing!!

Carol R said...

Congratulations Jill - enjoy your fishing!

Barbeeque4 said...

Congrtats!!!! What a super fishing rod!!!

Daffycat said...

WTG Jill! You must take it out for an afternoon and show us your catch!

Missy Ann said...

Congrats! It's nice to see nice things happening to nice people.

Nic said...

Congratulations, what a fantastic prize!

Shelleen said...

congrats on the prize.

Lynn B said...

Wow what a fabulous prize!

RuthB said...


Hmm, wonder if you can catch stash with it?

Francis said...

Jill, finally you received fishing equipment I don't have fix, rebuild, or make new parts for. I always said you deserved better equipment, well, you now have a fishing Rolls Royce.

You are good and have demonstrated such to all of us; now, Al Linder [MN Fishing Hall-of-Famer] move over Jill's going to show us all up. My wife's that great!

[Her fishing husband]