Sunday, November 30, 2008

Monthly Goals

Well, tomorrow is December 1st so I must do my monthly goals.

November Goals:
November Bride's Tree Ornament--DONE
Christmas Ornament Exchange (Carolyn)--DONE
All Season Ornament Exchange (Gaby)--DONE
Fair Square #10--DONE
Fair Square Christmas--DONE
HoE Christmas Ornament--DONE
Private Thanksgiving Exchange--DONE
LK Flip Its (#9, 10 and 11)--DONE
At least 1 Pink Stitch--DONE

I did extremely well this month getting all my goals completed. That probably won't happen too often. OK now for this next month.

December Goals:
Private New Years Exchange
Christmas Ornament Exchange (Joan)
Christmas Ornament (gift)
SBEBB ABC Exchange
Stitching Bloggers Birthday
4x8 Winter Exchange
SBEBB Winter House
MAW Redwork Piece
Complete LK Flip Its
1 Pink Stitch

For some reason, it was harder to set my goals this month. I'm not sure why. I feel like I am taking a real stab at it.

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