Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Quick Update

I can't show you in pictures as my camera is with my son who went to New York to watch the Minnesota Twins play in Yankee Stadium, but I had to share that I finished my Joyful Summer by CCN tonight! I am glad that one is done. I will post pictures when my camera comes back on Friday.

Otherwise, since my son is gone for a few days, I am re-organizing my "stuff". Wow. That is a job. I am always amazed when I go through my stuff at how much I have. Yikes! I need to have stuff be more easily accessible in my closet and that is why I am doing this. It wasn't too long ago when I did this the last time so it really won't be too bad.

I should have some exchanges to share in the next day or so also. I have 2 that should arrive at their destinations tomorrow or Tuesday and 1 that was mailed 2 weeks ago now and am anxiously awaiting word of its arrival.

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