Friday, July 25, 2008

A Great Week for Mail!

This past week I received several exchanges and had to wait for my son to come back from New York with my camera.

On Wednesday, I received my SBEBB Summer House Exchange from Vonna. Vonna stitched me LHN's "Berries" and replaced it with my name. She continued stitching fences and finished it as a mattress pincushion. It is just beautiful!

Vonna also sent me some terrific goodies. A LHN pattern, Thread Gathering, which I have wanted for quite some time, my favorite needles, a spool of ribbon, a candle and 2 different skeins of thread.

Thank you Vonna!

* * * * * * * * *

Yesterday, I received my HoE Summer Quaker Exchange from Carol R. Carol made me an exquisite pin cushion which is a CA Wells design that she changed up a bit.

Carol also sent me some great goodies. A spool of ribbon, some floss and a piece of 30ct. Brussels linen. Just lovely!

Thank you Carol!

* * * * * * * * *

And today, I received my Round #8 Fair Squares from Lynda A. Lynda had e-mailed me and asked if there was anything in particular I wanted stitched. I don't usually specify anything special because to receive anything stitched is so special. However, I did say if she wanted to she could stitch me something "stitching" related. I havent' received anything with that theme. Well, Lynda came through. They are just perfect for me, even got the purple involved. I love it!

They are just wonderful! Thank you Lynda.

I really love all of my gifties I received this week. I will treasure them forever. Thanks.


Sharon said...

Beautiful gifts Jill!

Andrea said...

Lots of wonderful gifts, beautiful.

Cathy B said...

Wow - you've received some really great exchanges lately! Lucky you!

Casa Pearl said...

Wonderful exchanges you've received! Enjoy everything.

Ulla said...

Wow, what a great exchanges!