Sunday, September 22, 2013

On to Part 3!

I finally finished the 2nd part of the Patches of Life Sampler. Now onto part 3. I have really been trying to work on it as much as I can, however, that hasn't been a whole lot. I did take some time out to work up a late birthday present however, which I will share next time.

Have you seen this yet? Plum Street Samplers is going to do a Sunday Mystery Sampler for the next 9 Sundays. It is not very big at all so it sounds very doable, even for me! I love mystery samplers and the theme for this one, the birth of Christ, really interests me. It would be so fun to get a group to do this together? Any takers out there? MamaJoan? Jackie? Lorus?

On a non-stitching note, I am finally the owner of an iPhone. I got one of the brand new iPhone5c's in this luscious color:

I have been having so much fun getting to know this thing. This is my first ever iPhone.

Well, I am going to get on to my Part 3.

Happy Stitching!



Robin said...

your Patches of Life Sampler looks lovely. I saw that mystery sampler and I am tempted. What! Not a purple iPhone? LOL I think I will be getting one when my current contract is up.

Chris said...

Gorgeous progress on your patches sampler.
I love the color of your new phone! Have fun learning everything about it.

Chris said...
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Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your sampler is beautiful. Yes I want to stitch Paulette's mystery sampler--just need to find a few more hours in my day

Suzanne said...

Your sampler looks great! Can't wait to stitch Paulette's sampler.

I sent you an email, not sure if you received it, I am having some problems with email of late.