Monday, October 15, 2012

I Never Had Any Patience

I had the most wonderful surprise waiting for me when I came home from work today. A big box from my birthday partner, Hazel. My birthday isn't until the 29th, but I couldn't wait to open it and see what she sent. She must have spent alot of time studying my wish list. Everything is just perfect.

First, I opened this.

 A beautiful card and a pattern from my wish list. I have been wanting this for a long time.

Then I opened these. The peacock feather is the top of a memo cube, a Kelmscott thread winder and 3 gorgeous Silkweaver Linens.

Check this out! I love this necklace, it is soooo cool! I will be sporting this ALOT!

This is the front of a beautiful pincushion. The colors are gorgeous. Made just for me!

And here is the back. It has a pocket with the 3 rings sewn on it. Love it!!!

Beautiful threads, again more purple (YAY), and my favorite dark chocolate...the green pack has mint centers...YUMMY!!!

Hazel did a wonderful job and I am so thankful. I love everything!!! What wonderful surprises to come home to.

Thanks again to Hazel.



April said...

Great early birthday gifts Jill!
It was a great mail day!!!

Nicola said...

Hazel has put together a beautiful array of birthday gifts.

Happy Birthday for the 29th.

Chris said...

What a wonderful package. Didn't you know that you get to celebate all month? I wouldn't have waited either!

geeky Heather said...

What a fun package! She could have almost sent the same one to me. =) That peacock necklace is AWESOME!!

Hazel said...

Glad you like everything I sent. Enjoy your birthday month!. x

Lana said...

Wow! You were spoiled!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday...4 days early!

Such a wonderful birthday surprise. That necklace is beautiful. such a pretty pincushion and what a great idea to add the thread rings!

Anne said...

Wow! What lovely gifts from Hazel! Happy Birthday! You know, you and I have very similar tastes...I adore purple and dark chocolate and peacocks too. I have that dark organic bar right now and nibbled on some last night...mmmmm!!!