Friday, March 23, 2012

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While browsing the blogs one day, I came across a very cute Peacock freebie from SAMPLERS and SANTAS. I decided to stitch one up for myself. My stitching friend, Chris (no blog), gave me these really cute little frames so I thought I would do it 1 over 1.

Samplers and Santa
30ct. Antique White Linen (1 over 1)
DMC as charted
Date started stitching: 3/19/2012
Date finished stitching: 3/20/2012
Date finishing completed: 3/20/2012

This turned out soooo cute! I added some narrow lace at the bottom to balance out the sides within the frame. I even added this to my new blog header. Thank you Samplers and Santa!

I discovered that I am in need of some "spring" kind of pieces so I pulled an Easter Sampler out of my stash.

Easter Sampler
Heart in Hand
32 ct. Summer Khaki Linen
GA Maple Syrup & DMC's as charted
Date started stitching: 3/21/2012
Date finished stitching: 3/22/2012
Date finishing completed: 3/22/2012

I love this too! Oops, I forgot to sew on the buttons so I had to glue them on, oh well. Very fun!

I had stitched my Spring and Summer rows from Bent Creek a couple of months ago. I put them together JUST in time for spring!

These are back to back just like I did my Fall and Winter Rows.

I am going to start something new today after I run a couple of errands.

Thanks for visiting and all the wonderful comments. I appreciate it!

Have a great weekend!



marly said...

Whoa. Over one. You did a fabulous job - so special and tiny. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Your Easter sampler is finished perfectly, so smooth and even. And your Busy Needle project is about the cutest thing I've seen! Between stitching, finishing, and framing, you do it all very well!

Daffycat said...

Holy moly look at all the wonderful finishes! I love the's just so "you" and the HIH & BC are a darling as they come.

Ooo, I HATE when I do things like that with the buttons ~ one of life's "Aww, crap!" moments, isn't it?

Debbie said...


Debbie said...


Deborah said...

Just love all y9our pieces. The little sampler is really lovely.

RuthB said...

Adorable!.... but you're leaving us hanging! If there are new starts in the world, we want to see them... NOW! :)

Have a great weekend.

Cathy B said...

Great finishes Jill! Can't wait to find out what you decided to start on...

Rhona said...

Wonderful finishes!

Christine said...

Not only did you do a great job on all of these finished pieces but your new header looks great as well!

April said...

Both are so cute! Love the new header!!!

Crossed Yarns said...

That over one work is awesome! love it!

Penny said...

Sweet finishes! Love the lace addition. Looking forward to seeing your new start. :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Spring really is in the air; right? Your finishing is cute as can be! Great planning to put those Rows back to back! Enjoy the new start - look forward to seeing what you choose.

Pam said...

Love your finishing, especially the addition of the lace on your needlekeep. Thanks for the link I MUST stitch that cuteness right now!