Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where Flowers Bloom...Framed!

Where Flowers Bloom
Blackbird Designs
(A Schoolgirl's Work)
30ct. Abcedarian linen
GA Blue Ridge Mountain, Sonora Desert, Adobe, Cedarmill Brown and Picnic Basket
WDW Cherub
DMC #543
Date Started Stitching: 3/1/2012
Date Finished Stitching: 3/4/2012
Date Framed: 3/11/2012

Well it didn't take me long at all to find a frame for this piece. It had a ding on it and some marks so I distressed it around the whole thing and then added an embellishment of a combo of 2 buttons. I intentionally framed it lower in the frame as I think it looked better. Very happy with it.

Not much else going on. I still seem to be in a little kind of a funk. Trying to get out of it.

I bought myself some treats the other day, and I think I should warn you all. Do not buy these. You will not like them. Really. (notice the bag is empty?)

Have a great week!



CalamityJr said...

Lovely finish. Thanks for the warning, lol.

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Someone else mentioned these eggs too, sounds very dangerous. Love your bloom finish, congrats. Setting it in lower like that looks great, I am so stealing that idea. CJ in OK ;-)

April said...

Stitching looks great in the frame!! I will try and stay away from those eggs. It is so hard!! lol

Deborah said...

Great finish! Love the framing. I have a bag of those eggs that have yet to be opened. Soon, I think. lol

Lesleyanne said...

A great finish.

Lois said...

What a lovely finish!

Cadbury Mini Eggs are definitely addictive - once you start them you can't stop!!!!

Mouse said...

ohhh it looks lovely and good idea re the button :) and coooooo thanks for the warning absolutely love these but not good for the waistline love mouse xxxxx

Chris said...

The framed finish looks great!!

Becky K in OK said...

Love the framing and the button is a great touch. Yes, I know about the mini eggs. I try and stay away from the candy isle...not!!

Deb said...

Sorry - I like those eggs! LOL

Wonderful framing for your piece! It's a very cute design!

Christine said...

Great job on your finished piece! Love the way you added the embellishment!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your framed piece looks great! Hope you're feeling better soon and that the funky blues go away!

Anne said...

Congrats on your finish! It's gorgeous! I hope the funk leaves you soon!!

Denise said...

Where flowers bloom looks awesome and I love the frame.
Happy Stitching

Carol said...

Wonderful job on the stitching and the framing, Jill!! Congratulations :)