Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011

Today is the last day of 2011, wow! Time just keeps going faster and faster.

Because I did post this earlier when I was working on it, I did finish my Advent Scarf on the 24th.

I really enjoyed working on this and learned alot but I don't think I would do one of these again. It is a huge commitment for the month of December. I am happy with how it turned out (about 88" long) and wore it for Christmas...very warm!

I am going to continue my tradition of starting a new project on New Year's Day. I have chosen Carriage House Samplings Alphabet Blocks. Here is my tea-dyed linen and threads. I am undecided about the solid stitches that surrounds the names. I was going to go with all one color, the one on the bottom, but I'm now wondering if I should make them different colors, using 5-6 different ones.

I am really excited to start this. It should be fun. I plan on stitching 2-3 squares a month.

No big plans for tonight. I am still fighting this 5. However, I think I do feel better today.

I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!



Laurie in Iowa said...

The scarf is beautiful. Happy New Year!

Shirlee said...

What a beautiful scarf & wonderful new stitching project! Best of wishes to you in the year ahead! Blessings, Shirlee

Lesleyanne said...

Your scarf is beautiful. Happy new year and enjoy your new start.

Vonna said...

Oh the CHS ABC's...another of my wishes to do some day. I can't wait to watch you stitch them up!
Feel Better! Drink Tea :) happy new Year!!!

valerie said...

Happy New Year Jill! Love your advent scarf! It came out beautifully. Have fun with your new start!

Kathy said...

Hope you feel much better this new day of a new year, Jill! Just found your blog, so wanted to stop by and say: Have a most wonderful and blessed 2012!

Your scarf is a masterpiece!! And the CHS Alphabet project will be so much fun to watch come together!

Einschies blog said...

Hi Jill, it´s worth the time, the scarf is beautiful...I knitted one through last year because Xmas time isn´t that good for me, I have to finish several gifts so I have no free time to knit an extra for me;-)))

Happy new year,

Felicity said...

Hi Jill,
Where can I purchase the Advent Scarf pattern, please? It's beautiful!