Saturday, November 12, 2011

Margaret Cottam...part 1

In 1809, Margaret Cottam was just age 9 when her sampler was stitched. Only part of it was left and La-D-Da "recreated" it filling in the blanks.

It is stitched 1 over 2 threads with Week Dye Works thread. However, the pattern says to stitch on 30ct. linen, but I am stitching mine on 36ct. I think 1 thread on 30ct. is just too thin.

Margaret Cottam part 1
36ct. home-dyed linen
WDW as charted
Date stitching started: 11/10/2011
Date stitching finished: 11/12/2011

Now I know that this is a new pattern, but I had pre-ordered it a couple of months ago. I also got the last of the 6 Fat Men patterns and will have to finished that one up as it is a Christmas gift!

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting :)



Casa Pearl said...

It's lovely! Thanks for sharing your photo as I resisted signing up for this. Now I can live vicariously through your lovely stitching.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Very pretty.... I'm looking forward to following your progress on this SAL.

Faye said...

I have been waiting for someone to stitch part one so I could see it in reality!! It is beautiful~~ And, your hand dyed 36 ct is just what you needed...I love the shading in the linen.....Nice job for sure! Take care, Faye

Becky K in OK said...

A beautiful start.

Daniela said...

Beautiful stitching! and I agree 1 over 2 on 30ct would be to thin for my taste too.

Brigitte said...

A great project!

ROSELLA69 said...