Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July

July 4th
by Breanna Stewart
28ct. remnant
DMC #797, #666 and white / 3 strands
Date Started: June 28, 2011
Date Finished: June 30, 2011
Pattern found here

Have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend.
I plan to do lots of stitching!



Michele said...

fun finish! I stitch this one too but haven't finish finished it yet .. hope fully tomorrow! lol

Happy 4th!

Valerie said...

What a great, patriotic finish! Love it! Happy 4th of July!

Denise said...

Your pillow is too adorable! Congrats on your finish. Happy 4th!

Mama Joan said...

Love it!!!

RuthB said...

And a happy 4th to you as well, Jill. I lov eyour little pillow-- puts me right in the mood for the weekend :)

Gabi said...

Cute finish.
Breanna Stewart???? Isn't that Bre from Paulette?