Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still Rolling...

I was going to be more diligent in posting and already it has been 2 weeks since the last one. I would rather post 1 or 2 items as it is less time consuming...I would rather spend most of my time STITCHING!!!

I have enjoyed seeing all of these "Challenge" projects get started the past 15 days. I had to chuckle earlier, when I say a post titled "And On the 16th Day I Shall Rest". LOL!

Before I went to Joan's last weekend for our retreat, I completed my first ornament for next Christmas.

"Tiny Tidings XIV"
Lizzie Kate
28 ct. remnant
DMC as charted
Date Stitching Started: 1/3/2011
Date Stitching Finished: 1/3/2011
Date Finished Completely: 1/6/2011

Isn't this just too cute? I used a larger bead on the edge of this one. I wanted it to have some ooomphf! I just love you it turned out. I will be making several of this one...I already know who will be getting one next Christmas!

We had a very wonderful and relaxing retreat. All of the girls were able to come during the 3 days. It was great to get together. I did stitch a Pinkeep Drum but have not done the finishing yet. I taught Joan's youngest daughter how to knit and ended up knitting a headband that she had wanted as it was a little advanced for a beginning project. She caught on very fast and made 2 scarves in 2 days. She was alot of fun!

Joan made me a pouch for the LHN Winter Wonderland. Last fall there was a quilt shop hop up here and she got some special fabric made for Minnesota that is used on the inside.

So, this past week I dug out my pattern and completed this pouch.

"Winter Wonderland"
Little House Needleworks
28 ct. Natural linen
DMC as charted
plus DMC #161, 433 and 935…3 strands.

Date Stitching Started: 1/14/2011
Date Stitching Finished: 1/15/2011
Date Finished Completely: 1/15/2011

When I was getting ready to go to Joan's house, I unearthed an old project that I did 10 years ago. It is a memory catcher. You probably remember these from your younger days. I did mine like a family tree.

This is the top of it. It has our wedding information on it.

When you open up this first layer, you see my husband's parent and my parents with their birth and death years. Mine is all finished now as I added the death years for my parents and my husband's mother.

When you open it up again, which makes it flat, the corners contain our grandparents. In the center, I put our birthdates, my son's info and a special verse about a son.

We did this as a group project and it was ALOT of work. I think the designer was Mary Vanderbee? Not sure. I love it but would never do another one.

I made a little something to thank Joan for the wonderful weekend at her house. She received it yesterday.

"Friendship Sampler"
Goode Huswife
DMC as charted
Date Stitching Started: 1/11/2011
Date Stitching Finished: 1/13/2011
Date Finished Completely: 1/13/2011

I had to tweak this a little bit to get our initials in it. Plus, I added the buttons, which were from my mom's stash.

Well, I think that is it for now. Today is more football and stitching! Love it.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!



Pointed Stitcher said...

Wow, all that you made is beautiful!!

Mama Joan said...

Good job Jillis. I love me new pinkeep and had a great mini retreat last weekend. Winter Wonderland turned out cute. I also love your Christmas ornie. May have to get that pattern myself.

Deb said...

Wow, what a lot of great things to look at. I love your last piece. We used to make those out of paper and I think that we called them "Cootie Catchers". Why they were called that, I don't know. But I just love how you made yours with floss and linen. A wonderful keepsake.

Cole said...

Beautiful finishes Jill! Your memory keeper is amazing!!

Laurie in Iowa said...

All your finishes are lovely... but oh my, the memory catcher is a very special piece. Congratulations.

Danielle said...

I love the Lizzie Kate and the LHN.

Cath said...

Wow , the memory catcher is incredible . I used to love playing with the paper ones when I was a kid , but that is amazing.

Faye said...

You girls have the best fun!!! You are truly blessed to have one another!

cathymk said...

Your memory keeper is stunning, Jill! What a gorgeous way to mark your wedding and other family information - the hardanger on the top is beautiful!

I've stitched the mistletoe ornament for our place too, such a cute design and was such fun to stitch.

I love how winter wonderland turned out - just gorgeous. I like the special touch of the fabric chosen for the inside - just lovely.

Karen said...

Love your finishes! I just love the little gift you made Joan...too cute.

So nice to have stitching buddies... happy stitching...

staci said...

Wow, that memory catcher is certainly looks like a lot of work! Love how your ornament turned out too, adorable!

Deanne J said...

Beautiful stitching,love your memory keeper.

Michele said...

love your L*K ornament .. gonna have to stitch that one soon!

Winter Wonderland turned out lovely! Nice sewing job my Joan :)

oh and I love Friendship Sampler!

I do remember the dream catchers we used to make years ago .. your's is lovely!

Karen said...

Great finishes Jill! you have been very busy!

♥ Nia said...

Amazing memory catcher!!
I love it! :D