Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Greetings

I received my squares from Lenna for the Fair Square Halloween Round. They are so beautiful!

The design she stitched is from the Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch. It is a Plum Street Samplers design, which I love. However, she switched up the design and fibers a bit which fit me better.

I just love what Lenna did with the design, especially the peacock!

Lenna stitched this on Cobblestone Belfast linen 32 ct. She used a silk over dye (Peacock) Waterliles for the peacocks and Butternut Squash for the half moon. She has never been fond of pineapples so she put a half moon in it's place cause she has always collected and loved half moons. Come to find out on her name crest, (for her maiden name), one of the symbols is a half moon. She used Sassy Strings hand dyed floss in Golden Promise for the crown, Weeping Willow for the 2010 and the flower petals. CC Muddy Puddle was used for the sheep's body. A more carroty color was used for the pumpkin mixed with the Golden Promise. Golden Promise was used for the legs and head. The purple and orange are from Lizzie Kate's Boo colors that she did her name and Waco, Tx. with.

They are just perfect for me. Thank you so much, Lenna!



Roberta said...

What a cute design, love it.

Happy Halloween!!

Karen said...

Very cute exchange!

Michele said...

love love love all the changes! and it's so you!

linen and floss said...

Beautiful exchange x

lenna said...

Hey Jill ~
Thanks so much for the kind thoughts. I just wish, in hindsight, which is always 20/20 that I had moved the peacock down just a smidge. But all in all I like how the piece turned out. I lost it for about two weeks when I cleaned up for someone's visit so you almost didn't get it at all. But thankfully I found it in time.
Take care and I will talk to you soon.
God bless your stitching fingers.

Kathy A. said...

That is a lovely exchange from Lenna. She paid attention to details and it shows in her fine work. I love her color choices.