Sunday, May 2, 2010

May is Here!

Where did April go? It went by so fast it is just kind of a blur.

I did finish reorganizing/kitty proofing my stitching stuff last week and unearth'd quite a few things. First, I have a fair amount of stitched pieces that need hand finishing. Second, I own quite a few pairs of scissor that really should have fobs. And, I have LOTS of projects that I want to do. Things things will become part of my monthly goals.

I did finished my Block #4 of Christmas and Hawk Run Hollow.

Here it is so far, blocks 1-4. Just think, this piece is 1/3 done already!

1 Pink Stitch -- DONE
1 Red Stitch -- DONE
Block 4 of CaHRH -- DONE
Start CA Wells Sampler Block -- DONE

* 1 Pink Stitch
* 1 Red Stitch
* Block 5 of CaHRH
* Hand finish 2 stitched pieces
* Stitch and finish 1-2 scissor fobs
* Start a new something for me

I think I am going to work on CaHRH on Sunday's of the month. Hopefully I won't be hurrying at the end of the month to get it done. Today I am going to pull projects together for the month so they are ready.

Thanks for visiting and have a great rest of the weekend.


Missy Ann said...

Looking great Jill! I think that may be my favorite block of the entire design - and I really love this design. Alas, I have yet to start mine...

Daffycat said...

I just LOVE that reindeer block! Great finish, Jill!

Patty C. said...

Looks fantastic Jill.
I so enjoy your work
Keep it up

Charlene ♥ SC said...

1/3 finished is a lot for this project! You have great goals - I'd probably get more done if I'd write mine out, too... Well, maybe!

Christine said...

Can I be the 5th peacock a pranzin? :0)

Love following your blog and your latest stitching which is beautiful. Your goal list is a wonderful idea.

Deb said...

It looks wonderful Jill. That block is a lot of work - at least it looks that way!! Can't wait to see more of this great project.

Andrea said...

Wonderful progress, the reindeer block has to be my favourite so far.

Laura said...

CaHRH is looking great, Jill!

Kathy A. said...

You have done some lovely work this past month. Nice progress on CaHRH.

Suzanne said...

CaHRH is looking great. Nice finish on the block!