Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Already!

Where does the time go? The older we get the faster time goes by it seems. I am glad winter is over.

Another thing I am very happy about is that my bestest stitching friend, Joan, is moving back to Minnesota in 2 DAYS! Joan moved to South Dakota last June just 4 days before my dad passed away. She has been back at least 1 weekend every month except January, but it just hasn't been the same. Our little stitching group will be able to resume our weekly gatherings. Welcome home Joan and David!

I had stitched my "Pink Stitch" for March earlier in the month, but I was unsure on how I wanted to finish it. It finally hit me.

This is part of Primitive Bettys Spring freebie Tulip Time. It is stitched with Belle Soie Carnation on 40ct. Antique White linen.

1 Pink Stitch--DONE
Spring Exchange--DONE
Stitch 1 Gift--DONE
Stitching something for ME!--DONE

I kept my goals quite simple because that gift I stitched was the hardanger cloth I did for Joan and I knew that would take some time.

1 Pink Stitch
1 Red Stitch
Block 4 of CaHRH
Start CA Wells Sampler Block

I have stitched a couple more things but I have to do the finishing on them.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate all the comments.

Happpy Stitching :)


Deb said...

How much fun that your friend is moving back. My best friend move 15 years ago and I miss her a lot!! Hope that you make your goals for April and have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Karen said...

Very cute finish! Love the pink.

Nic said...

Congratulations on your achievements. And it must be so nice for you to have Joan moving back - and I think she's pretty pleased about it too, from what I've read on her blog!

Sharon said...

Very pretty!

staci said...

Congrats on your sweet pink finish. Happy Easter!

Kay said...

Enjoy having your friend back. The Pink Stitch is beautiful. Have a Happy Easter.

Irene said...

Lovely finish !