Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 In Review

Goodbye 2009--
I lost my good friend, Shari, to breast cancer.
I lost my dad to prostate cancer.
My good friend, Joan, moved out of state 4 days before my dad died.
I lost my mom to heart disease.

I had 90 stitching finishes--
11 Fair Squares
14 for me (4 were WIPs)
9 gifts
11 Pink Stitches
4 Make a Wishes
25 Exchanges
1 Exchange replacement
3 PIFs
12 Ornaments (2009 Christmas Challenge)--these were a Christmas gift for my son

I became a member of "The Sisterhood"
I stitched the Ackworth Friendship Squares for my friends
I discovered how wonderful all of you are in this Stitching Blogging world.

Hello 2010--
I opened a new blog in support of Heart Disease, dedicated to my mom and my sisters friend.
I cut back quite a bit from 2008 on exchanges, but need to cut back a little more.
Stitch more for "me"
Get back to my RAK's
Spend more time with those I love.

Happy Stitching :)



Nela said...

Buenas noches Jill... paso a gradecer tus lindas palabras dejadas en mi blog.... y a dejar mis mejores augurios de que este año 2010 este lleno de muchas hermosas cosas para ti y tu familia....Dios derrame sus bendiciones en tu hogar... ahhh y aun no se que hare pero el 9 de enero pase por mi blog, sera mi cumpleaños 40....Feliz año...

Brigitte said...

You had to cope with so many losses last year. So I send you my best wishes for 2010. May it be a better year for you.

Kathy A. said...

Hon, it has been quite a year for you.
I hope that next year brings you peace, and some wonderful stitching.

Suzanne said...

I hope that this year is so much better for you than the last. I hope it brings you much happiness and joy.

Anonymous said...

WOW...90 finishes! that is impressive!!!