Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a Weekend!

It has been quite a weekend, and it is not over for me yet as I don't go back to work until Tuesday.

We had to take my mom to the ER on Friday night and she is still in the hospital. She now has Atrial Fibulation and will be getting a pacemaker. But early this morning she decided to get out of bed by herself, which she was instructed not to do and fell. She has a fractured C2 vertabrae on her right side of her neck and will have to wear a neck brace for 3 months. YIKES!

I did manage to go over to my friend Joan's house (Minnesota location) and stitch for awhile on Saturday with the girls. They had birthday cake (yum) and presents for me! Oh boy!

Cathy gave me a Shepherds Bush kit and a pink ribbon magnetic pin that lights up alot!

Thank you Cathy! I think everyone knows how much I love getting "pink" stuff and I do like Shepherds Bush stuff.

Lori gave me 4 bottles of my most favorite Coffeemate, Peppermint Mocha. Girls, if you have never had this you must try it. It is delish! Unfortunately it is only in the stores this time of year for the holidays. I highly recommend it.

Thank you Lorus! I already cracked one open this morning. Aaaahhhhh. Love it!

Joan gave me a beautiful Just Nan peacock pattern and the fabric and floss for it. I think I will be making the needle book. It has a lovely peacock charm. Joan also gave me 3 skeins of silk and a very large lobster clasp. I need to find out where she gets these.

Thank you Joan. I love all of it. I can't wait to stitch the peacock and use those silks. They are yummy colors!

Chris made me a special fob for my Mia scissors. She stitched the 2009 Prairie Schooler Santa on 40ct (over 1). For the back stitching, she had to "split" a strand of floss otherwise it was too thick.

This is really something. Here is a picture of the fob with the ornament that I had already made.

Thank you Chris. This is a treasure.

Thanks to all the girls. For the great afternoon/evening, gifts, birthday cake (you know that is a food group, don't you), food and fun! I appreciate all of it.

When I came home last night, I had a special surprise waiting for me.

Simba, my niece's cat, was waiting for me at the top of my steps. We take care of him about 2 times a year while his mom and family go see Mickey Mouse. They are leaving on Wednesday for 10 days. He is a really good cat and we enjoy his visit which is really a vacation for him also. LOL!

Today I finished my 11th Ackworth Friendship square.

I only have 1 left. YAY! These have been really fun to do but I am grateful for another commitment to be almost over.

Well, I just watched the Minnesota Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers--YAY and now I am going to watch the World Series.

Thanks for visiting and I appreciate all the wonderful comments.

Happy Stitching!


Daffycat said...

On no, your poor mom! ***hugs***

Wonderful birthday celebration, Jill. Those girls spoiled you rotten! The gift from Joan is divine and the stash from Cathy & coffee stash from Lori is so nice. I can't believe how tiny that Santa turned out OMG! Chris's stitching is amazing!

Missy Ann said...

That fob is absolutely AMAZING. Not to mention perfect for the scissors.

I hope your Mom heals well & as quickly as possible.

And I want to say a special thank you for all your entries into the 13 Days. It's totally unfair that you didn't win at least once. :(

Suzanne said...

Your poor mum, hope she gets better soon.

Happy Birthday! You received some great gifts.

corinna said...

happy belated bday
i am glad you had a good celebration
so sorry about your moms fall
i hope the pacemaker placement goes well
and that she heals from her fall
she sounds feisty enough

that prarie santa is amazing
they look really nice paired together big and small

have a good day off
i love when i have days off
sounds like you will be busy
wishing you all the good


J Rae said...

I hope your mom heals up soon and doesn't have much pain. Poor thing!

Sounds like you received some wonderful B-day stuff!!!

That fob is just mind-blowing! Wow!!!

Great job on the Friendship square!

Sandra said...

I'm sorry to hear about your poor Mum, hope she feels better soon. What wonderful birthday gifts! The scissors fob is unbelievable!

Nic said...

I'm glad you had a happy birthday celebration - your gifties were great!

Sending healing thoughts towards your mum, I hope she feels better soon!

Lynn B said...

Hi Jill,
I hope your Mother is soon feeling better, give her my regards.
What lovely birthday gifts, I love them all. Surprises are great aren't they, especially needlework gifts! lol

Vonna said...

Oh Jill...I'm so sorry about your Mom. I will keep her in my prayers.

Your stitching Saturday with your girls was fabulous, no? WOW! Love it all and you are right on that Santa...WOW!

Many happy returns on your birthday! I wish you nothing but sunshine and rainbows the whole year through!

Kathy A. said...

Oh hon, I hope your mom heals quickly!!!!

Happy Birthday wishes to you. Lovely gifts for a lovely lady. That PS over one is amazing!!

Deb said...

Such great birthday presents! I really love the fob, especially because you have a matching ornament too. Hope that your mom heals quickly.

staci said...

Well, my goodness, your mom sure keeps things exciting doesn't she? I hope she heals quickly and that ends the excitement.

Happy belated Birthday Jill! It looks like you well and truly spoiled. Never tried that Peppermint Mocha before, now I'll be on the lookout for it ;) And that PS fob...oh my, how awesome is that?!?!

Charlene said...

Oh, sorry for mom's ails.

Sounds like a great birthday celebration - hope it continues through the week! Happy Birthday!

Jennifer said...

40 count over 1??? Now that's a GOOD friend!!!

Gabi said...

Happy belated birthday!!!
That fob is fantastic. 40ct over one...I'm in awe.
Hope your mum is getting better soon.