Monday, September 14, 2009

I Got Mail!

I haven't received anything in the mail for quite some time and today I got 2 packages.

First, I received a beautiful Needlecase for the Love of Needlework Exchange from Hazel. The design she used is LHN's Traveling Stitcher. In her note she says, "there was no purple in the design so I used purple felt for the pages". That is so sweet! She not only gave me a page of new #26 needles, she also gave me a page with some straight pins on it.

Hazel also included a pattern from my wishlist and some dark chocolate (my favorite!).

Thank you so much, Hazel. I love all of it!

* * * * *

The second package was a Make A Wish that I made back in May. I had wished for something patriotic. Shelleen answered my wish and today it came. There was no note so I can't share any specifics about the design.

Last week I had myself removed from the Make A Wish board. It doesn't get much traffic anymore and it just wasn't working for me like it was suppose to.

Tonight I have to go to my monthly church meeting so I won't get much more stitching time in today.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

Completed Finishing on: LHN Exchange
Stitched on Today: Ackworth Friendship Book
Mailed out Today: FS Halloween squares, The Sisterhood pattern and a special thank you gift.


Becky K in OK said...

Your FTT Needlework exchange is beautiful. Hazel did a great stitch!

Jeanie said...

The needlecase is beautiful ! WOW !

Gabi said...

The needle case is fantastic. SO lovely. Hazel did a great job.
Lovely pinkeep too. :)

Kathy A. said...

The needlecase is gorgeous. How sweet of Hazel to do a purple inside for our favorite purple person.
Nice pinkeep. I think I will remove myself from the Make a Wish too. I did not receive my last two wishes and it just seems to have dried up.

Hazel said...

Glad you like it Jill! Pretty pinkeep from Shelleen. x

Shelleen said...

Jill, I am very sorry that your wish was granted so late. I have never done that before. I thought I had enclosed a note. The design is by Heart In Hand.