Friday, May 1, 2009

April Review and Goals

Can you believe it is May 1 already? I wanted winter to be over but I don't want summer to come and go before you know it. Here is a review of my April Goals:

2009 Christmas Challenge--DONE
Ornament Exchange—Julianne--DONE
1 Pink Stitch--DONE
Finish 1 WIP--DONE
Fair Squares Round #12--DONE
Finish part 2 of Isa Vautier SAL--DONE
MAW--Shelleen--Floss Tag--DONE
Finish PIFs--DONE
Stitch 1 gift--DONE-I did a replacement exchange for the HoE mailart. I think that qualifies as a gift!
Start Summer Exchange/Lynn--YES
Start something new for myself--Unfortunately, no. Maybe next month.

I also stitched the BBD contest sampler in memory of my Grandma and I went ahead on the Ornament Exchange and stitched Amy's (May) and Becky's (June). I am finished with this Ornament Swap.

1 Pink Stitch
2009 Christmas Challenge
Finish 1 WIP
Finish Lynn's Exchange
FTT Blackbird Designs Exchange
Send out PIFs
Start Part 3 of Isa Vautier's Sampler (when it comes out)
Start something new for ME!

I love doing these goals. It really keeps me on task.

In my previous post, Ellen asked about the other beaded fobs that go with the Pansy. Like I said earlier, I have 3 of them done. Winter (Snowflake), Spring (Pansy) and Autumn (Acorn). I just need to do the Summer (Strawberry) one. The snowflake and pansy are identical on both sides. The acorn, has the squirrel on one side and on the other side you stitch your initial. Here is a picture of them.

If you go to Elegant Stitch, scroll down a little and you will see the kits.

Thanks for visiting and I appreciate all of the great comments!

Have a great weekend.

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