Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Finished WIP

My finished WIP this month is Nantucket Sampler by Brightneedle. I had started this quite some time ago--years. Here is what it looked like on May 4.

And here it is--DONE! I finished it last night but it was too late to take a picture.

I still like this sampler and am glad that it is done.

To all of you who left comments and e-mailed me regarding the use of Free Patterns. I am so glad that I went ahead and posted this. It proved to be very interesting.

I was amazed at how many people knew exactly who I was referring to. And the rest of you think I should publicize it. Evidently I am not the first person that was harassed by this person. It's really too bad, because the consensus seems to be, is to never stitch another one of this particular person's designs, free or otherwise.

Thanks again for the wonderful comments,


Daffycat said...

It is beautiful, Jill! Doesn't it feel wonderful to finish up an old WIP?

Karen said...

i love this finish of yours! it's gorgeous!! that is a must have in my to get list.

Shelleen said...

congrats on the pretty finish!

Anonymous said...

a little hello from a french reader (and stitcher too).

i like your blog very much, i put it in mu list of favourites. and i like the simple and straight way you present things, too.


(there are no comments allowed on my blog, so don't be shy to come anytime if you wish, it's all anonymous in fact!)

Brigitte said...

A wonderful finish. I love these nine-blocks Brightneedle designs and finished one myself a couple of days ago.

Lelia said...

Beautiful stitching!

You have a wonderful blog & please don't change a thing : )

Sharon said...


Rachel S said...

That is one of my favorite charts and your finish is so beautiful! Congratulations!