Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goal Review

Well, it is April 1 already and it is still WINTER! Will it ever end?

First, I will review last month's goals--

2009 Christmas Challenge--DONE!
Continue Isa Vautier SAL part 2 (when it comes out)--YES! I have 2 out of the 9 squares left on part 2
Start PIF’s--YES! I have 1.5 done
Finish 1 WIP--DONE! Finished LHN's Tea Room
Start 4x8 spring exchange--DONE!
1 Birthday Gift--YES, actually I did 2
1 Pink Stitch--YES, actually I did 2
MAW for Kathy A.--DONE!
Start something new for me--YES, started and finished LHN's Travelling Stitcher

Well, I think I did pretty with my goals this last month. Hopefully I can continue the success from setting goals--it makes me stay on track.

2009 Christmas Challenge
Ornament Exchange—Julianne
1 Pink Stitch
Finish 1 WIP
Fair Squares Round #12
Finish part 2 of Isa Vautier SAL
MAW--Shelleen--Floss Tag
Finish PIFs
Stitch 1 gift
Start Summer Exchange/Lynn
Start something new for myself

I think that is enough.

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