Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th--Unlucky?

Not for me!

Yesterday, in the very, very early a.m. hours, I finished a WIP, had Friday off of work as I was awarded it due to outstanding audit reports, spent most of the day with my son at the Boys high school hockey tournament, and, it was topped off by receiving my first ornament from the ornament swap group I am in. WHEW! No wonder I slept in until 7:45 this morning!

I stayed up quite late on Thursday, actually it was early Friday, when I finished another WIP. What a wonderful feeling! It is "The Tea Room" by Country Cottage Needleworks. I started this at our MLK Retreat in 2008 and hadn't touched it yet. Here is what it looked like when I pulled it out on March 5.

And, here is what it looks like now--finished!

Isn't it lovely? I just love it! I love finishing WIP's. I already know which one I will be doing next month.

My first ornament I received is from my BFF, Joan! And, I got to receive it in person--even better! I had requested ornaments that had some kind of a pine tree on them. Joan came through with flying colors--

Isn't it beautiful! Even the button is a pine tree! Joan finished it like a biscornu, but it does have a hanger on it.

Here is Joan presenting me with my ornament--

Thank you so much Joan! I just love it! I better get my tree out so I can display them properly. I can't wait to see what comes next!

I did have one unfortunate thing happen to me yesterday. I was left in charge of my nephew's beta fish while my sister and her family are on vacation in Florida. My first trip to feed it was yesterday and it was dead when I got there. I know it is only a fish but I felt so bad. Well, I found out that it was 5-6 years old and it was not looking to good when they left. I felt better. It is kind of a funny story now.

I have nothing but stitching planned for today (and maybe tomorrow?), so I hope to get lots done!

Have a great weekend,


Daffycat said...

Awesome to earn a free day from work AND spend all night stitching because you don't have to get up early! Your Tea Room looks fantastic ~ congratulations!

Another congratulations on the ornament, Joan did good, it looks very piney...and I like biscornu ornaments!

5-6 years is a good long life for a Betta so don't feel bad!

Kathy A. said...

You are indeed right - it was a lucky day for you! What a lovely biscornu. I love the colors in it.
congrats on the Tea Room finish. I think it is just gorgeous.
But that poor fish - not a lucky day for him/her!!!

Loretta said...

Congratulations on your finish. The "Tea Room" looks awesome.

Your biscornu is beautiful. Your BFF did a fantastic job on it.

Sorry to hear about the Betta but from what I have read 5-6 years is a pretty good lifespan for Betta.

Take care!

Natasha said...

Tea room looks great. What a way to spend your day off :)

The ornament Joan ave to you is beautiful she did a great job.

That is a long time for a Beta fish to live...I remember when we lost ours my mom called me bawling.. It was a pretty funny story a few years later.
Take Care

Irene said...

Tea Room looks great and I just love the ornament.