Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Can't Believe it is Time for Goals Again!

WOW! Where did January go? I am going to quick do these before I settle in and watch the SuperBowl stuff.

Here is a review of my January goals--
2 Pink Stitches--NOT DONE :(
Finish My Favorite Things Basket--DONE, Yes, finally!
Private Valentine Exchange--DONE
MAW Scissor Keep--Karen D.--DONE
SBEBB Winter House Exchange--DONE
Start the Isabelle Vautier SAL--DONE, started and part 1 is finished which makes me current
Christmas Ornament--Cathy B.--DONE
2009 Christmas Challenge--DONE
Private Winter Scissor Fob Exchange--MamaJoan--DONE
4x8 Winter Exchange--DONE
HoE Lizzie Kate Exchange--DONE
HoE Mailart Exchange--NOT DONE

2 things I didn't get done. I am sad about my pink stitches. I really want to keep going with these.

Goals for February--
3 Pink Stitches
HoE mailart exchange
Fair Square Winter
Fair Square Round #11
Birthday Gift
40th Anniversary Mailart
Finish 1 WIP

I have really cut back my exchanges and am feeling really good about it. I am going to lean towards "private" exchanges versus the large group ones.

Have a great rest of the weekend,


Suzanne said...

You did well with your goals. I agree with the exchanges. I am going to stick to some private exchanges for a little while so I can concentrate on my own stitching.

Nic said...

You did really well with your goals for January - great going!

Maren said...

You did good on your goals! Something tells me you'll be caught up on your Pink in no time! :)

Brigitte said...

A very successful month for you!
I have been doing the same as you but the private exchanges keep me as busy as the group ones, lol.

Becky K in OK said...

Your Lavender House from Kathy A. is beautiful. Don't you just love her little ort boxes?!