Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Summed Up

Well, another year has come and gone. Did I get everything stitched that I wanted to? Sure didn't. There is never enough time. Which only means, the time I do have, I need to make it count--which translates into stitching what I really want to.

I tallied up my 2008 stitches and this is what I discovered:
* 61 exchanges (FS, HoE, Private and others)
* 5 Make A Wish
* 3 Random Acts of Kindness
* 20 Gifts
* 8 Replacement Exchanges
* 19 for ME

WOW! It is a bit scary when you add them all up. I don't regret any of the above things that I stitched/gave away. I have received a ton of very beautiful things which I will treasure forever. I look at them everyday! The other great thing that came out of this is that I have met some of the nicest people ever. Yes, there are the few bad apples, but overall I really love exchanging and meeting new people nationally and internationally.

However, I will probably cut back some on the exchanges. Not because one of the biggest exchange boards is closing, there are numerous other avenues out there. I think I need to do some ME stitching. I did sign up for Carol R.'s 2009 Christmas Challenge. But the 12 ornaments that I do during the year on this will be going to my son next Christmas. I also would like to get back to doing more Hardanger.

So, to review my December Goals:
Private New Years Exchange--DONE
Christmas Ornament Exchange (Joan)--DONE
Christmas Ornament (gift)--DONE
Stitching Bloggers Birthday--DONE
4x8 Winter Exchange--Stitching only is done
SBEBB Winter House--Stitching only is done
MAW Redwork Piece--DONE
Complete LK Flip Its--DONE
1 Pink Stitch--NOT DONE

January Goals:
2 Pink Stitches
Finish My Favorite Things Basket
Private Valentine Exchange
MAW Scissor Keep--Karen D.
SBEBB Winter House Exchange
Start the Isabelle Vautier SAL
Christmas Ornament--Cathy B.
Christmas Challenge
Private Winter Scissor Fob Exchange--MamaJoan
4x8 Winter Exchange
HoE Lizzie Kate Exchange
HoE Mailart Exchange

Well, as you can see, I have a few exchanges left to wrap up. I am not currently signed up for anymore beyond the above list. As you see above, I am going to to the Isabelle Vautier SAL, which I just discovered yesterday. It is beautiful. I am going to do it in DMC #154, which is a deep purply color--very rich.

I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2009 with LOTS OF STITCHING!

Have a great day,


Brigitte said...

Wow, more than 60 exchanges and replacements in one year. And I already thought that I had many with 23 exchanges. Like you I don't regret a single one. It's great to meet so many stitchers from all over the world through these exchanges. And that's worth it.
Happy New Year!

Sharon said...

61 exchanges is amazing! You have smoking needles!