Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Goals for October

I can't believe it is October already. Where did September go? I keep waiting for life to slown down a bit.

Review of September Goals:
Monthly Finishing Challenge (keytag)--Stitching is done
Christmas Ornament Exchange (Vonna)--Done
Bride's Tree Ornament--Done
All Seasons Ornament Exchange (halloween)--Done
Stitch #9 of LK Flip Its --Not Done
Stitch Pocket #6 of My Favorite Things Basket--Half Done
Fair Squares #9--Done
HoE Halloween Exchange--Done
SBEBB Fall House--Stitching is done
HoE Mattress Pincushion Exchange--Done/Just needs to be sent
Legacy Halloween Sweetbag Exchange--Stitching is done

October Goals:
Christmas Ornament Exchange (Edgar)
October Bride's Tree Ornament
Stitch #9 and #10 of LK Flip Its
Complete pocket #6 of My Favorite Things Basket
Complete SBEBB Fall House Exchange
Complete Legacy Halloween Sweetbag Exchange
MAW for Becky (Emery)

Other than these, I am "stitching pink" for the month of October--my goal is to stitch 12 things. I joined the "When Pink Matters" blog. I am doing this to honor my friend, Shari.

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