Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Surprise for Vonna!

A few weeks ago, I found out that Vonna had not received squares for 3 different Fair Square Rounds. That didn't sit right with me so I decided I was going to stitch some for her. I asked my BFF MamaJoan if she would like to team up with me and provide some "goodies". She was more than happy to.

Vonna received our package yesterday and I think she was blown away. Here are pictures of the squares that I stitched.

Joan supplied lots of goodies, including one of her famous bags she makes.

One thing that Vonna had on her "Wishes and Trades" list is tins. She can always use tins she says. So here is what I sent her.

This was really alot of fun and well deserved.

Vonna, enjoy, and thanks for all your work on the Fair and Square Exchange.


Dani said...

Jill, what a great package ... you and Joan did well. Vonna definitely deserves it for all her hard work.

Daffycat said...

Egads, Jill! You two had better not go out in the rain; you're so sweet you'd melt for sure!

Great job...I know of no more deserving person than Vonna.

mercy said...

OMG! You guys are the best! Would you mind sharing the designer info to the first square (Halloween) that you stitched?

Cathy B said...

This was very kind of you and Joan. The squares are great and the goodies are really neat! Kudos to both of you!

staci said...

Well done Jill and Joan!!! That is an amazing package that you guys put together for Vonna!!! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more :)

Annemiek said...

I just love the package you two put together for Vonna. Kuddos to you and Joan for catching up where others left her down.
The pic of the tins made me smile, I received a similar amount of tins years ago from a friend and it reminded me of what the postman must have thought about it :).

Carol R said...

Amazing package for dear sweet Vonna - both you and Joan are so kind.