Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Stitch-A-Long (SAL)...

I joined my first SAL, it is the Bride's Tree Stitch-A-Long. The Bride's Tree is a Christmas tradition from Germany in which a couple's Christmas tree should have 12 specific ornaments to help ensure happiness in their life together. In this SAL, you stitch 1 ornament a month that has a specific theme.

January is a house, which stands for protection and/or shelter.

I chose an Elizabeth Design's pattern from the 2000 Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazine.

I had been thinking of stitching some Christmas ornaments during the course of 2008 and I figure that this would keep me on task.

The last couple of weeks I have spent quite a bit of time organizing (again) my stitching stuff, mostly my fibers. I think I have finally finished, and I must say how nice it is to have it organized.

Now I am going to go back and finish up the first group of the 2008 LK flip-its.

Happy Stitching!


Cathy B said...

You are becoming a real pro at blogging and posting pictures Jill!

The Bride's Tree SAL is a pretty cool idea. Great job on the ornie!

Jennifer aka Sweet Pea said...

I love the ornament - and the back is a really cool idea! When we put together a set for my BIL and SIL's first married Christmas (we purchased the ornaments) we put together a booklet explaining the meanings, but I love that you've included it right on the ornament.